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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I is for International class

(During the month of April we are participating in an A-Z challenge hosted by Arlee)

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We were thrilled to meet up with some people from Russia when they came here for a holiday. It was lovely teaching them English every day. Now they are back home in Russia, one of them has become our international student.

We teach one of our friends from Russia via Skype every Saturday. It's been an interesting experience teaching English by a video call. Of course, the method of teaching is different to the usual classroom lessons, but it is also enjoyable.

How do you keep in touch with international friends?


Jessica Peterson said...

It must be a bit strange getting used to teaching through video. I lived in Russia for a little bit and got to teach, it was a lot of fun.

Have fun with a-z.

Margo Kelly said...

I keep in touch with international friends via blogging, Facebook, and email.