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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

July Week 4 at Horne Learning Services

So we are having an interesting week 4 of July at Horne Learning Services. First of all students are speaking to the class on the following question: 

"If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?"

It's only Wednesday but we've already had some entertaining answers and one very genuine, sincere and emotional response.

I'm also passing out a short questionnaire to our students to get some feedback from them about our English classes and their teacher. It's great, and sometimes funny, to hear what they think. I appreciate their blunt honesty at times, too!

Finally we are taking class photos this week, with an example of the Tuesday night class, above.

At the end of the week we'll look through all of the completed questionnaires and see what improvements we can make to enhance our English classes further.

Monday, 22 July 2013

July in review

July was an exciting month for us at Horne Learning Services. It has passed by so quickly as well. Today is the 4th week of July where students will be speaking about what they would wish for if they had 3 wishes. They will also be doing some creative writing, which they enjoy a lot. 

This week I'll also be taking 10 minutes or so for students to fill out a short questionnaire to see how they feel about our English classes. In order to keep this blog up to date, we'll also be taking some class photos.

Last week we watched the movie "Ratatouille" with our students. It was lots of fun and generally they answered the questions very well.

On the 1st week of July we had a speaking exercise where students got to know each other by asking set questions and writing down the answers. They then wrote a paragraph about each person.

Despite having a few malay students temporarily stop classes for the fasting month, we have also welcomed several new students and look forward to working with them.

We will shortly be planning the agenda for August.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Movie Week for July - Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a 2007 movie made by Disney. A rat named Remy has developed quite a taste for food and one day discovers that he has been living in the marvellous city of Paris. Getting lost from his family, he ends up at a famous restaurant where an apprentice chef takes him under his wing, (or I should say, under his hat) and he becomes the architect of the most delicious food in town.

As usual, there are 20 questions prepared to test my students listening and observation skills. This is a fun movie and we are looking forward to watching it with our students next week!

Friday, 5 July 2013

July Agenda

I prepare each month's agenda pretty much at the end of each month and rely solely on inspiration to guide me in what sort of activities to do. There are a few exercises like a popular word game that we do each week, but other than that, it goes by inspiration.

Once in every two months we will watch a movie with our students, complete with questions, to test their listening skills.

Once in every two months we will conduct a specific reading exercise, usually a short story written by myself, including a number of writing, comprehension and grammar exercises, all related to the story.

At least twice a month I will have the students stand up in front of the class and speak about a certain question or topic.

I'm very excited for this month and the exercises we have lined up. Here's what's going on at Horne Learning Services in July:


  • word game and sentences
  • Speaking exercise
  • Creative writing

  • word game and sentences
  • A-Z list of words, story writing

  • movie week

  • word game and sentences
  • Speaking exercise
  • Creative writing

Looking forward to a great July. There is also a 5th week this month, so there will be no classes from Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August. (On Saturday 3rd August we will be conducting replacement classes for the two groups on Saturday).