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Friday, 11 September 2015

Parents feedback on our English speaking presentations

As we discussed previously, our English class presentations week was extremely successful. Our focus is on building confidence in speaking English. Learning English with Horne Learning Services (HLS) will be a different experience for students both young and mature. 

Mr. Duncan prepares his own syllabus each year and tries to include at least one speaking exercise for every single class. Class presentations are a great way for students to use their creativity to prepare a speech and present their results to the class. It represents a good public speaking practise and will prepare them well for the future, whether that be furthering their studies at university or moving forward into the workplace.

HLS was delighted to receive feedback from parents of our students regarding the August 2015 English Class Presentations:

"Thank you. I hope they can do it again."

"[She] was happy and enjoyed it."

"I can't believe she can do it. Thank you so much. At home she memorised it all, but at class I think she was scared already. Next time I hope she can be even better. Your class is so interesting. Thank you."

"Thank you. [His] father said if you can, always conduct this kind of speech. Train them to speak to the public. Very good."

"Thank you Sir. It is not easy to stand up for presentation or public speaking. I feel nervous to do so at my workplace. In a meeting when all the bosses are in front of you, the words get stuck in my throat. Maybe Sir can arrange more of these activities in the future, it's good for the children. Thanks for the effort."

"It's a very good idea. I totally agree. You're really a good teacher, thanks for your effort."

"Your class is really awesome. Makes me feel like joining too. I saw that all the students brought their favourite things to present. That makes it a lot of fun and interesting. Keep it up!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

English Class Presentations

English Class Presentations week was a resounding success.

HLS English Class Presentations class photos. Thank you to every student who took part!

Each student had three weeks of August to prepare a 5-minute presentation to the class on any topic of their choice. Presentations were carried out from 24th - 29th August, 2015 and we saw a variety of interesting topics and hobbies performed in our classes.

We received a number of whatsapp messages from pleased parents asking us to continue with these sort of public speaking assignments in the future. After seeing how beneficial this week was for everyone, we are definitely planning for more similar activities soon.

Here are some of the unique and memorable presentations:

Alya brought along her jewellery box amongst other things for HLS English Class Presentations

Joshua introduced us to his pet rabbit for HLS English Class Presentations

Sharmayne shared her impressive sticker collection for HLS English Class Presentations

Justin showed us his lego car for HLS English Class Presentations

We enjoyed seeing Li Yan's toy car collection during HLS English Class Presentations

In one of the adult sessions, Kelly gave a very motivational speech on the power of smiling for HLS English Class Presentations

Yahya gave an exciting demonstration of his yo-yo skills for HLS English Class Presentations

Zheng Yu took us by surprise during HLS English Class Presentations by presenting about Mr. Duncan! He reeled off an accurate biography of my life! He found it on my blog - clever boy!

Jocelyn shared some of her favourite food blogs before distributing cakes she had prepared earlier for HLS English Class Presentations

Ms. Lai showed us her fantastic painting as part of her HLS English Class Presentation

Ser Han fired his nerf gun at a couple of targets during HLS English Class Presentations

Keivin brought his awesome artwork to HLS English Class Presentations

Isaac gave an interesting speech on chocolate for HLS English Class Presentations, and then freely distributed it to us all!

HLS English Class Presentations saw Amanda bravely speak about her father who is currently ill. A very touching speech and we all wish her dad the best in these difficult times

Abby played on her ukelele during HLS English Class Presentations

Manchester United fan, Jun Hao, spoke about former manager Sir Alex Ferguson for HLS English Class Presentations

As the focus of Horne Learning Services is on developing students' confidence to speak English, this was a great week in classes. Students spoke English in front of a crowd, listened to others speak English, asked questions, gave answers, and got to know more about each other's hobbies and interests.

Looking forward to more similar activities!