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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

November 2013 Movie: Johnny English

Rowan Atkinson provides the entertainment for our latest Movie Week as he stars in "Johnny English" as an English secret service detective.

Pascal Sauvage, a French heir to the English throne forces the Queen to abdicate so he can become King and create the largest prison in the world - encompassing the whole of England.

The nutty Johnny English, and his more rational sidekick Bov, set out to thwart Savage's plans, with many laughs along the way!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Putting the puzzle pieces together

I'm sure you are all familiar with a puzzle, or jigsaw puzzle. I remember completing numerous jigsaw puzzles when I was young, starting with the corners and straight edges and then gradually filling in the middle pieces, piece by piece.

The months of November and December at Horne Learning Services sometimes feel like working our way through a complex jigsaw puzzle.

Students come and students go. Students stop classes with us and new students begin classes. Some families enjoy going balik kampung, back to their home town to visit extended family during the long school holidays. Others like to go on holiday, or as Americans would term it, vacation, either in Malaysia or overseas.

We will do our very best to accommodate all of our students and their families' travel plans during November and December. We are also aware that some students may change school times in the new year and will therefore need to rearrange their classes with us.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, it's never easy, but we will try to run as smoothly as possible, arranging our students piece by piece.

Happy holidays, travel safe. Thank you to our students who have stopped for various reasons. It has been a pleasure teaching you. Thank you to the new students we have welcomed this month, we hope you will enjoy learning with us. And thank you to our students who remain through the puzzling months of November and December, we appreciate working with you!