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Monday, 15 September 2014

Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy - Movie Week September 2014

This month's movie should suit both boys and girls as it contains pirates and fairies. Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy will be showing at Horne Learning Services this week where a little sprinkling of fairy dust can go a long way!

As usual, students will have questions to answer, and due to the movie being a little shorter than usual, they will be engaged in a related speaking assignment for the remainder of the class.

Sit back and enjoy!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

The "Chocolate" lesson - for adults

This month we are conducting a special lesson dedicated to chocolate - the food of the deities. Students will read a short article about chocolate, where it comes from, and how it grows. They will answer several comprehension questions on the topic.

Mr. Duncan will then present five different chocolate items for tasting. Students will then right down lists of words that describe the taste of each piece of chocolate.

Samples of chocolate ready for tasting in adult classes in September at Horne Learning Services

The final part of the lesson will see students have an opportunity to speak to the class on the topic of chocolate.

We are looking forward to this exciting class and hope our students will find it worthwhile and memorable!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Night Project Aug 2014 Winners

The Night Project was a huge success at Horne Learning Services. We saw a lot of creativity and unique designs both in the children and adult categories. It was extremely difficult judging the entries and selecting the winners. 

Here are the winners of The Night Project:



Jia Yi's winning entry for The Night Project with the 1st place trophy. She made a book with pictures, a poem, an essay, a short story and more, in a very creative way.

Mr. Duncan with Jia Yi, the Night Project winner in the children category


Brandon's entry came in 2nd place in The Night Project. We liked his clean and attractive design and the two pieces of writing he included inside

Mr. Duncan posing with Brandon and his trophy for 2nd place in The Night Project


This entry by Isaac was chosen for the 3rd place trophy. He used toothpicks and a stand in his Night Project, along with a piece of writing concealed inside

Here is Isaac receiving his 3rd place trophy for The Night Project with Mr. Duncan


This collection of little comics was presented by Han Yii. This was different from others and very interesting

Mr. Duncan presents Han Yii with his certificate for 4th place in The Night Project


This is Yong Chuan's work for The Night Project. Of the remaining selections we identified this as unique in design, creative, and possessing a good piece of writing

Yong Chuan with his 5th place certificate in The Night Project, posing for a photo with Mr. Duncan



Yi Chien's entry for The Night Project was deemed as the winner. It was a simple yet beautiful design, with an accomplished piece of writing inside, and a sketch on the back

Here is Yi Chien with her winner's plaque and certificate for The Night Project, presented by Mr. Duncan


Jessica's work for The Night Project was a brilliant correlation of words and pictures

Jessica with her 2nd place certificate for The Night Project


Ms. Chong's piece was really neat and creative and she quite brilliantly made the "G" of NIGHT in a moon shape!

Mr. Duncan poses with Ms. Chong as she receives her 3rd place certificate

Our congratulations go to all the winners of The Night Project, along with our thanks to all who took part! If you didn't manage to win this time, perhaps our next project will bring more rewards.