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Monday, 26 January 2015

Annual Awards Part 1 - January 2015

Two awards were given out in January 2015 - Most Improved Student and Top Contributor. Most Improved Student goes to the student who has shown most improvement in our classes during the previous calendar year. Top Contributor is for the student who has excelled in all areas of our classes, participating fully and showing a great effort to learn.

Ye Yang is the first winner of the HLS Most Improved Student award. He showed great improvement in his all-round English in our classes, excelling in vocabulary games and writing sentences. Congratulations!

Kelly was the stand out student in the Top Contributor award. In 2014 she has excelled in all areas of our classes at HLS. She has showed great effort to improve her grammar, demonstrated creativity in various assignments and has gone the extra mile by doing work outside of the class too. Congratulations Kelly on being our first recipient of the Top Contributor award!

Monday, 5 January 2015

Top 15 HLS Memories of 2014

2014 was a great year for Horne Learning Services. We tried a wide variety of different topics for classes and really had some unique and fun adventures on the way. Here is a run-down of our 15 best memories from 2014, in chronological order:

In February 2014, Qi Yao won the Horse Sound Competition

We introduced a new annual award to recognise students who have shown extraordinary commitment. In March 2014, Jen Yee won the Longest-attending Student award

First class at Petronas (PC MTBE) in Gebeng on 20th March, 2014

On March 27th, 2014 we held our first ever food testing class. Everyone brought along some food and we described the taste and our level of enjoyment, expanding vocabulary and filling our stomachs! It turned out to be the first of many

Opened up a good friendship with Sharon, the HR Manager at CSA Chemicals Sdn.Bhd. at Kuantan Port, where we taught an English course to a class of staff

Group photo on the last English class with employees of CSA Chemicals Sdn.Bhd. with HR Manager Sharon on the right (21st May, 2014)

In May 2014 and beyond, we enjoyed having colour-themed classes. Here, our fantastic students pose with Mr. Duncan

In June 2014 we conducted a special FIFA World Cup comprehension class for our adult students

A laser pen class photo stole everyone's attention in July 2014

August 2014 was the month of our first ever English class project - The Night Project. We supplied trophies, certificates and consolation prizes to all the best projects. There will be another two projects in 2015

Ah, the chocolate class! In September we delighted in a little chocolate in our adult classes, which went down a treat!

On 13th September, 2014, Superman made an appearance at an HLS English class! (Superman outfit modelled by Edric)

On 2nd October, 2014, we completed our English course with staff of Mega View Hotel

The Christmas Project, in December 2014, was the second project of the year. Students had fun expressing their creative forces on a Christmas theme

The 4 students who attended class on 26th December, 2014 helped themselves to our Christmas tidbits including kek lapis, fruit cake, chocolate chip cookies and honey cornflakes!

That was our year. We are really excited to get started with 2015 and look forward to making many more wonderful memories!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Christmas Project 2014 Winners

Thank you to all students who attended classes throughout December 2014 and participated in The Christmas Project. After marking we picked the best 3 entries and the 3 best runners-up. They received their trophies/prizes in class near the end of December.

Final percentages for students participating in The Christmas Project, December 2014

Here is the completed project of the top student:

Brandon's completed Christmas Project

The three trophies ready for presentation to The Christmas Project winners

Posing for a photo with Mr. Duncan, Brandon is The Christmas Project, December 2014 winner

Sher Wen poses for a photo with Mr. Duncan. She came in a close 2nd place in The Christmas Project, December 2014

Isaac takes 3rd place in The Christmas Project, December 2014, and poses for a photo with Mr. Duncan along with his project and trophy

Reagen with Mr. Duncan as he collected equal 4th consolation prize for his efforts in The Christmas Project, December 2014

Sooriyar dons a Santa hat to celebrate finishing equal 4th in The Christmas Project, December 2014, with Mr. Duncan

Ammar poses for a photo with Mr. Duncan after taking away the consolation prize for 6th place in The Christmas Project, December 2014