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Friday, 5 July 2013

July Agenda

I prepare each month's agenda pretty much at the end of each month and rely solely on inspiration to guide me in what sort of activities to do. There are a few exercises like a popular word game that we do each week, but other than that, it goes by inspiration.

Once in every two months we will watch a movie with our students, complete with questions, to test their listening skills.

Once in every two months we will conduct a specific reading exercise, usually a short story written by myself, including a number of writing, comprehension and grammar exercises, all related to the story.

At least twice a month I will have the students stand up in front of the class and speak about a certain question or topic.

I'm very excited for this month and the exercises we have lined up. Here's what's going on at Horne Learning Services in July:


  • word game and sentences
  • Speaking exercise
  • Creative writing

  • word game and sentences
  • A-Z list of words, story writing

  • movie week

  • word game and sentences
  • Speaking exercise
  • Creative writing

Looking forward to a great July. There is also a 5th week this month, so there will be no classes from Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August. (On Saturday 3rd August we will be conducting replacement classes for the two groups on Saturday).

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