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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

C is for Creativity

(During the month of April we are participating in an A-Z challenge hosted by Arlee)

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At Horne Learning Services, we promote 'creativity' in our lessons and in our students.

Instead of doing routine grammar work with ABC answers, we try to inspire our students to think much more creatively.

Creative Writing is conducted once or twice per month where students are given three random words and are asked to write a short story based on those three words. This in turn, stimulates creative thinking.

We often give students the opportunity to speak to the class on a variety of topics, encouraging them to think creatively and not just go for the 'textbook answers'.

Word games and making sentences are a lot more fun and creative than circling correct answers in a grammar book.

Importantly, when searching for creative ideas in our classes, there are no wrong answers. There is no pressure to be right, and at the same time, more is learned!

Whatever you may do in life, what does 'creativity' mean for you?


thesweetsimplethings said...

Just stopping by for a visit on the A to Z! Great post. I'm not very creative, but I do like to write (just don't consider myself very good).
Laura @ The Sweet Simple Things

EvalinaMaria said...

Life would be so boring without creativity. Great post!

The Golden Eagle said...

Creativity can mean a lot of things; but I typically associate it with coming up with unique, individual, un-copy-able solutions to solve a problem or meet an objective.

Fidelia Sawai Horne said...

Thinking out of the box?!