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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

B is for Bring and Take

(During the month of April we are participating in an A-Z challenge hosted by Arlee)

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'Bring' and 'Take' are two English words which often get confused by learners of English. Some people think they have the exact same meaning and can be used interchangeably, while others just have no idea of the rules of using these two words.

'Bring' and 'Take' explained simply:

'Bring' is used when something from a different place is coming to where we are. For example:

"Can you bring the tuition fees to the class today?"

'Take' is used when something where we are is going to some other place. For example:

"Don't forget to take your things with you!"

Put simply, 'bring' is used to describe something that is coming, while 'take' is used to describe something that is going.

Which words do you often get confused with?


Jinky said...

Good golly these two words get me all the time!! Thanks for the coming & going hint. :)

Other words that get me are prepositions. I want to cry cuz it just doesn't come naturally. I seems like I have to test out several before something sounds right and then I just hope it was!

--Thanks for visiting my A-Z today.

Margo Kelly said...

Hello! Perfect explanation! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! Enjoy the A to Z challenge.

emmlyjane said...

Great post. I wish more people understood the difference between these two. Maybe for "W" you could explain who & whom. I refuse to use those works in my writing because I don't know how to do so properly.

Fidelia Sawai Horne said...

I am always confused between these two! I am lucky because you'd correct me if I am wrong!