Welcome to HLS English class - the best place to learn English in Kuantan, Malaysia. English class for children and adults conducted in a fun and creative way. Learn English with Horne Learning Services. English speaking and conversation, reading, writing and listening training based in Kuantan. This is what we do . . .

About Us

Horne Learning Services is led by Fidelia Sawai, the Managing Director. She hails from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia and graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP). Fidelia controls the management and finances at Horne Learning Services and works together with her husband, Duncan Horne.

Duncan Horne is the Chief English Trainer at Horne Learning Services, espoused to Fidelia Sawai. He was born in Leicester, England where he gained his diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). He has experience in teaching English in Malaysia since 2002. English has been his lifelong love and now he enjoys helping others gain confidence in using English.

  • English classes in-residence for children
  • English classes in-residence for adults
  • English courses for companies
  • English class fees
  • Proofreading service and fee

Horne Learning Services offers English training and services for people of all ages, covering all aspects of English language learning. We are NOT a tuition centre. We have prepared our own syllabus and DO NOT follow the school syllabus or use any English workbooks. Our English classes are NOT specifically designed to help students pass exams. The purpose of our English classes is to help students feel more comfortable in using the English language, not just to sit an exam, but for LIFE.

English training in regards to grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling and vocabulary-building exercises is given. For primary and secondary school students, our training provides a fun learning atmosphere where every student's effort is appreciated and reinforced with positive encouragement.

Secondary school students will also be trained in effective essay writing and summary writing as well as being engaged in speaking opportunities. They will also be trained in more advanced reading and comprehension activities.

Adult group classes are held at residence and at other locations. Weekly adult classes focus on speaking, reading, writing, listening and learning the rules of grammar, and other habits which will accelerate their learning of the English language.

Adult group classes comprising staff of a certain company may be held at their work location, within reasonable distance from Kuantan town. Mr. Duncan will adapt specific syllabuses for such classes, which are usually set for a specified duration.

Classes in residence are for 2 hours (children) or 90 minutes (adults). There are a maximum of 16 students per class (children) and 15 students per class (adults). Adult classes at other locations are usually for 90 minutes.

The fees are as follows:

Standard 1-6 :                             RM70/month
Form 1-5       :                             RM90/month
Adults            :                             RM110/month
Adult groups at other locations: (Fees determined by
location and course)

We provide 4 classes per month. On the occasion a month has 5 weeks, the 5th week will be a holiday.

We also offer proofreading services to check and correct the usage of English grammar and sentence structure. This service is provided for university students, PhD or Masters theses, articles for publication in journals, hotel SOPs, businesses, and public and private services.

Our proofreading fee is RM45/1,000 words.

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