Welcome to HLS English class - the best place to learn English in Kuantan, Malaysia. English class for children and adults conducted in a fun and creative way. Learn English with Horne Learning Services. English speaking and conversation, reading, writing and listening training based in Kuantan. This is what we do . . .

Happy Students

We try to collect as much feedback as possible from our students whenever we can. We're thrilled that the comments have almost entirely been positive, and that we have been able to help many people gain greater confidence in using the English language.

Here are some testimonials about Horne Learning Services from our students:

"I enjoyed the Workshop because it is very fun. My favourite activity is Pictionary and I will come again."
Yan Eugene

"I enjoyed the English Workshop because I came first in the treasure hunt. I will come again to the next workshop."
Yan Calvin

"I enjoyed being with my teacher and friends. I like to play the treasure hunt. I'm so happy at the workshop!"
Ahmad Faris Syazwan

"I enjoyed the English Workshop because I had lots of fun there. I love the activities that Mr. Duncan made. I will love to come again because I want to learn more in English."

"I'm very happy that I got the treasure hunt present, so next time I want to come to the English Workshop again!"
Tay Ye Hao

"I enjoyed learning English from Mr. Duncan. Mr. Duncan, you are the best teacher in Kuantan."
Kamarul Bahrin Jaafar

"I really enjoyed the class and learnt many new tips that inspired me to improve and enhance my skills in English. I learned to improve my pronunciation as well. From the first class I have learnt different things and it was very interesting to learn English with Mr. Duncan. Thanks a lot to Mr. Duncan."
Rosmasniza Manan

"I really enjoyed having this class with Mr. Duncan because he is a good teacher. I never felt bored in this class. He helped us a lot to learn English. He taught us the 5 Key Points how to improve our English."
Kamarul Riduan B. Mohd

"Firstly, thank you Mr. Duncan for teaching us English for 3 months. I'm more confident to talk in front of people. I enjoyed coming to your class. Thanks a lot Mr. Duncan."
Ruhayati Binti Mohd Amin

"I love English class with Mr. Duncan. If I have an opportunity, I will come for English class and my English can be better. This will be a beautiful memory in my life at Vistana Hotel. If I have time I will bring my daughter to learn English with you. Thanks for teaching me how to talk, speak and write properly. Thanks a lot!"
Siti Noraida Baizura Bt Nordin

"I enjoyed participating in this class because it gave me an opportunity to practice my English and become confident when talking in English. Learning in Mr. Duncan's class made me very happy compared to my school period in which I was very afraid to talk in English. Once again, thank you Mr. Duncan for your willingness to teach us."
Mohd Ezri B. Mustaffa

"Thank you. I really enjoyed every single lesson. Had lots of fun and learned more things about English."
Jia Min

"I enjoyed learning English with you because it was easy to understand and I learned many new words. Now I can make sentences better. I enjoyed the moments when I gave speeches in front of you all. Mr. Duncan, thank you for teaching me! Very happy to learn with you."
Shi Qi

"I got a good chance to speak and communicate with a foreigner and I really appreciated this. I'm so sad I can't continue the class. Thanks for your teaching."
Si Hui

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