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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Word Game upgrade

Each English class begins with a word game, a vocabulary building exercise. Sometimes we present students with a word, for example:


Our students are then asked to make a list of words by using the letters in the main word. For example:

1. sit
2. pat
3. station
4. sent
5. priest

Another way we exercise vocabulary is by giving students a single letter ie. "B". They then proceed to write down every word they can think of that begins with the letter "B".

Sometimes we will present two letters ie. S,T. Students must then make two words beginning with these letters, that make sense. For example, Sticky Tarts.

We have been practicing these word games for a number of years and the children love it. As of August 2014 we will be slightly upgrading the word game in an effort to try and give our students something new and fresh.

Students will now be making words and calculating the total of all the letters so that each word has a score. Of course, the more challenging letters to use have greater value!

We have another project lined up for August, which we'll discuss soon.

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