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Friday, 12 October 2012

Essay writing - a pain in the posterior?

Essay writing is generally viewed by students in Malaysia as a pain, and most probably because it involves a lot of creative thinking and lots of writing!

Our key point #1 "Think in English" applies to essay writing very much. Along with a good command of English and understanding of grammar skills, creativity is what is needed in essay writing.

On the second week of each month, our classes write essays. Form 1-5 students (age 13-17) will be expected to write an essay of over 200 words while Standard 1-6 students (age 7-12) will write an answer to a question of between 70-100 words.

The task is getting students' minds stimulated to think creatively and come up with more than one idea on a certain subject. Then they need to be able to explain all of those ideas in greater detail. That's the challenge.

When writing essays, most especially for students in Form 1-5, I have devised a criteria which I believe makes up a great essay.

#1 - PLAN

Every great essay begins with a plan. Typically in answering an essay question, one should think of 3 main points (or 4 or 5, as the question may request), and then come up with 3 sub-points to further describe each main point. This should be brief. This plan provides the frame for the entire essay.


Using correct English grammar is vital in writing a great essay. Good sentence structure, correct use of tense and spelling makes an essay easy to read with good flow.


Possessing a wide vocabulary is an important part of writing a great essay. Nobody wants to read a couple of pages littered with the same words, repeated again and again and again throughout the essay. Instead, a student should demonstrate a knowledge of synonyms (words which have similar meanings to each other), and how to use them appropriately.


In essays where general issues or topics are discussed, a student can really bring his essay to life by writing about his own personal experiences related to the question. This will set his essay apart from the others and make it more interesting to read. It will be his own essay, and not merely a copy or one which is full of cliches (often-repeated phrases or words).


A truly great essay should also include the writer's opinion on whatever subject or issue is raised in the question. Like point #4, this will further personalise the essay and make it more unique.

In our classes, we strive to emphasise these five important points students may follow in writing great essays.

Essays don't need to be a pain in the posterior when they are planned with creative thinking, good grammar and vocabulary, and include personal experiences and opinions.

What do you think? Do you enjoy essay writing? What is the biggest challenge in writing essays?


Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour Duncan
Cezar and I are visiting your blogs and we are glad to see so many students in your classes, it's very nice to see young people are keen on to learn English there.
Congratulations and I think your work is a blessed mission!
*** Our daughter is now studying at Portsmouth University in the UK. She is very well adapted there and loving the University. So...I think you will see lots of pictures from the UK in our blog in the future! :)

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi Leia, thanks for coming along! My mother-in-law's sister is living in Portsmouth with her English husband.
It's great to be teaching English here!

Lowell said...

Greetings, Duncan! Thanks for stopping by our blog.

Lois Anne taught Language Arts here in Florida - to middle school kids. That could be difficult at times.

I would think you have many challenges for English is a very difficult language.

More power to you and our very best wishes!

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Thanks so much for coming over Lowell. It is challenging at times but well worth it!

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Thanks dana, Lucy, rushessay.com and Best Online Writing Services. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you around in the future :)

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