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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

English Online Distance Learning

Horne Learning Services offers an Online Distance Learning (ODL) program to anyone around Malaysia and overseas. Learning English is a top priority for most people, but sometimes finding good quality English classes is tough. Sometimes the distance is too far or the fees exorbitant. Our ODL program wipes away those obstacles and gives you the chance to learn English with us wherever you may be!

When I was preparing a life-changing move from England to Malaysia I determined it would be advantageous to gain some sort of English teaching qualification. And it had to be achieved quickly as time was short. So I went online and came across a good college which offered Distance Learning courses. I immediately enrolled in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and a few months later graduated with a diploma.

Horne Learning Services distance learning is just taking off and we hope to have you on board! While we cannot authorise issuance of diplomas or recognised certificates, we can ensure you enjoy a quality learning experience in the comfort of your own home and at a price you can easily afford. Learning English has never been so convenient!

Our ODL course consists of 48 English lessons which will test you in grammar, reading, writing and vocabulary skills. If studied together with a group of friends, one may also enjoy speaking and discussing the material in the lesson.

Horne Learning Services ODL English lessons will be emailed to you for you to complete at your own pace. There will be a maximum of four (4) lessons sent out per month, ideally one each week. Being consistent in learning English is a major point to practise. Lessons can be emailed back to us upon completion for marking and return. Simply send us an email at 


to let us know of your interest in our ODL program. We'll disclose more details regarding payment of fees in an official welcome letter which we'll email to you straight away.

Horne Learning Services Online Distance Learning fees:

  • kindergarten, primary school (ages 4-12)      RM60/person
  • secondary school (ages 13-17)                          RM 80/person
  • Adults (ages 18+)                                                 RM 100/person

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