Welcome to HLS English class - the best place to learn English in Kuantan, Malaysia. English class for children and adults conducted in a fun and creative way. Learn English with Horne Learning Services. English speaking and conversation, reading, writing and listening training based in Kuantan. This is what we do . . .


Thanks for your interest in our English classes. Usually, people have many questions to ask us when considering sending their children or themselves to our classes. These FAQs should provide some insight into who we are and what we teach along with other important items.

What do you teach?
We teach English based on our own syllabus. Activities include grammar, word games, making sentences, reading and comprehension, writing, listening, speaking, essay writing, summary writing, creative writing, and other fun exercises.

It is worth noting that we are NOT a tuition centre.

How many people do you have in a class?
We have a maximum of 16 students in a class. Classes may include students of mixed ages. However, all of our exercises can be adapted to the standard of English of each particular student.

For adult classes, there are a maximum of 15 students per class.

How much are the fees?

Standard 1-6 : RM70/month
Form 1-5       : RM90/month
Adults           : RM110/month

Discounts may be given from time to time to families sending 4 or more people for English classes with us. Any other discounts are reserved for those who are with us long-term as part of a loyalty scheme.

My child is 5/6 years old. Do you have any class for them?
Unfortunately we are not accepting kindergarten aged children any more. As our classes may contain children of various ages, and also as our syllabus is designed for age 7 and above, students must either be at primary school or higher, or be able to spell and write simple sentences. Children who are too young will not be able to keep up.

When should I pay the fees?
Fees should be paid on the first week of each month.
For new students, fees should be paid in advance of the first class.

I can't attend class this week. Can you give me a replacement class?
Unfortunately we cannot offer replacement classes as all of our classes are full. Please be committed to send your children each week to their assigned class. If you desire, we may pass the work they missed to them to complete at home, where possible. The fee payment covers your child's seat in the class, so even if you miss a class in a month, you will still be expected to pay the fee on the first week of each month.

However, provided you inform us in advance, we will try our best to organise a replacement class for your child during the SAME week.

Should Horne Learning Services cancel a class for whatever reason, we will replace it on the next 5th week of a month.

When can I start your English class?
If we have any spaces available, you may start as soon as you like, as we operate on a first come, first served basis. If our classes are full, we can put your name on our waiting list. We will then contact you as soon as a place becomes available.

Mr. Duncan, do you have any qualifications? How long have you been teaching in Malaysia?
Yes, I received a diploma in Teaching English As A Second Language (TESL) with an "A" grade from Stonebridge Associated Colleges in England. I have been teaching English in Kuantan, Malaysia since 2006.

Can I come for more than one class per week?
No. We offer 4 classes per month for each student. Our syllabus is designed to cover one weekly class. We also do not offer speed learning or short courses in English (with the exception of large adult groups where a course may be conducted at their working site).

We are willing to discuss private classes (up to 4 people/class).

Mr. Duncan, do you give homework?
Absolutely not! Children have enough homework from school already.

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